Study trips

Dates 2019


Save the date! We will take part in the following events and are looking forward to welcoming you there:

experts study trips:

26.04.-01.05.2019, campus compact Tunisia, Tunisia

26.04.-03.05.2019, campus live DomRep, DomRep

30.04.-06.05.2019, campus DER apprentice study trip, Egypt

04.-09.05.2019, campus ProTours Club of the elite fam trip Protours, Rhodes, Greece

12.-16.05.2019, campus compact Crete, Crete, Greece

12.-15.05.2019, Derpart fam trip regional west/north,Turkey

17.-20.05.2019, campus DER Travel experts trip, Crete

21.-25.05.2019, campus live USA, USA

15.-18.06.2019, campus compact Bulgaria, Bulgaria

06.-10.2019, campus live Cuba, Top 300, Cuba

DTH Experts:

14.11.19, DTH Expert dialogue day Cologne, Germany

further dates will follow