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DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts hotel overview


The DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts hotel overview contains an overview of all hotels for the trademarks lti, Calimera, COOEE and PrimaSol. Each hotel is sorted by destination region and presented in a series of brief key points. Additionally, the overview contains a table with booking codes for each operator.

You can see the online version here.


MICE Brochure 2019


We are happy to share with you our new MICE Brochure 2019 presenting our hotel selection for your MICE event. Combine a comfortable atmosphere with a productive and successful business event: Plan your event in the most beautiful destinations around the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, the Atlantic Ocean or in Austria.

The hotels presented in our brochure are especially suited for MICE events and offer various well-adapted conditions. We are looking forward to organizing your event together with you.

Here you can find our online brochure.


Group Travel 2019


Group travel is adventurous and interactive. Whether it is a trip with a sports club, an interest group, a big circle of friends or a business and incentive trip - there are many reasons to travel as a group.

In our new brochure we present a selection of the most important group travel hotels of DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts. These hotels are especially suited for themed group trips due to their accomodation and facilities. They even offer customized deals such as special group discounts.

Here you can find our online brochure.