The divisions in detail


Sales & Marketing

Head: Angela Rittig

This division bundles up two different segments with the following key responsibilities:

The sales team of the headquarters in Cologne:

  • Development of sales strategies
  • Control and optimization of hotel occupancy rates
  • Checking and operating hotel allotments
  • Management of contracts with third-party operators
  • Group Travel

Regional sales managers in North Africa:

  • Development of sales and marketing strategies
  • Hotel contracts with third-party operators on behalf of DER Touristik
  • Representation of DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts at fairs and events abroad


Sales and marketing: Marketing of hotel brands to travel agency sales executives as well as to travel agency chains and cooperation’s through various media and across different channels

  • Support of the DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts websites and of the various hotel brand websites
  • Organization and implementation of specific educational trips
  • Participation in various B2B and B2C events
  • Production of all printed matters and layouts for DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts
  • Brand management
  • Production of advertising materials

Business Development

    Head: Dirk Burneleit

    The aim of the area of hotel development is expanding the existing hotel brand portfolio. This includes the following tasks:

    • Coordination with internal departments in terms of the selection of new hotel projects
    • Calculation of the rate and return and feasibility analysis based on internal standards
    • Evaluation of potential projects on-site
    • Development of joint ventures to realize projects
    • Presence and network expansion through active performances on trade fairs and theme events
    • Contract Management
    Operations & Entertainment

    Head: Christian Grage

    In the field of Operations & Entertainment, everything revolves around operating procedures in hotels. The responsibilities of the colleagues at the headquarters include an equally broad range as those of the colleagues in the target areas:

    • Training of hotel staff
    • Quality management
    • Support for cooperation and hotel partners
    • Definition of fire protection standards
    • Further development of hotel concepts

    Head: Max.Peter Droll

    DER Touristik also includes the field of target area organization, which consists of DMCs (destination management companies) and DER Touristik Destination Services (tour guide management). The area of ​​finance does not only involve tasks for DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts, but also for the DMCs. The following areas are covered:

    • Controlling
    • Risk management
    • Accounting
    • Balance sheets
    • Billing of contractually agreed services