Sentido alpehotel Kaiserfels - Clean up Day Tirol


The Sentido alpehotel Kaiserfels is a partner hotel of the sustainable and environmentally conscious organization Patron.e.V., and has organized Clean Up Days in Tyrol again this year.


Arbour Day 2023 - Our hotels living sustainability


For the worldwide Arbour Day, we would like to show you how our hotels celebrate this day and put their commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness into practice.


Sutainable Green buddy Initiative is growing!


What started as a sustainable and socially responsible project in Madeira is now spreading throughout our Sentido Hotels. The Green Buddys - a true symbol of sustainability and social responsibility. Find out more about our participating Sentido Hotels.


World Environment Day - Litter collection campaign


The annual World Environment Day took place on 5th June 2019.


Avoiding food waste


Pilot project successfully implemented in Iti Asterias Beach with the Futouris sustainability initiative.

Around one-third of food around the world goes to waste each year according to current estimates. A massive 200,000 tons of food waste is generated annually in German hotels alone, the majority of which is avoidable.


A question of stance


The coming together of the DER Touristik trademark and the operator and retail trademarks from Kuoni signifies the joining of two market heavyweights who are united by the same values and a strong awareness of sustainability. The new corporate group under the aegis of DER Touristik stands for responsible conduct – externally as well as internally. DER Touristik groups its sustainability activities under 'DER Welt verpflichtet' and thus actively commits itself through contributions to environmental protection as well as a wide range of projects in the social sector.


Resource preservation


Responsibility for the environment
Environmental problems such as climate change or the loss of species and habitats also affect the tourism industry. It plays both roles: that of a contributor but also one of the affected. Maintaining an intact environment as travellers want to experience it on holiday is therefore something that's very close to DER Touristik's heart.


Social commitment


An obligation to people

DER Touristik offers fair working conditions and also promotes this among its partners in the destination countries. Opportunities for people on location and the improvement of their living conditions through working in tourism are the cornerstones of responsible conduct.