Waste collection at World Environment Day


More than 20 hotel partners from the four DTHR hotel brands,  together with the hotel staff & hotel guests prepared an cleanup action on this day.


DER Touristik Aims to Avoid Food Waste in Hotels


Successfully Implemented Pilot Project at the lti Asterias Hotel in Cooperation with the Sustainability Initiative Futouris

According to current estimates, approximately one third of food worldwide is destroyed annually. In German hotels alone, 200,000 tons of food waste is produced per year, most of which is avoidable.


A Question of Attitude


The connection between DER Touristic and the Kuoni tour operator and sales brands is that of two major market players uniting the strong values and a commitment to sustainability. The new company group under the umbrella of DER Touristik stands for responsible actions, both internally and externally. According to the motto ‘DER Welt verpflichtet’ (Committed to the World), DER Touristik bundles its sustainability activities and thus actively involves itself by way of contribution to environmental protection and various social projects.

DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts supports the initiative and the dedication of their affiliates by supporting several sustainability activities that centre on their environmental and social commitment. Rented and owned hotels as well as franchised hotels participate in these initiatives.


Preserving Resources


Environmental Responsibility

The tourism industry is also affected by environmental challenges like climate change or the decline of species and habitats. In this context, tourism plays a dual role: It is both a contributor to environmental threats and a victim. Consequently, one of DER Touristik’s foremost concerns is the safeguard of intact environments that travellers like to experience on their holiday.


Social Involvement


Committed to the People

DER Touristik offers fair working conditions and requires the same from its partners in the holiday destinations. Prospects for the local population and the improvement of their living conditions through employment in the tourism industry are the cornerstones of responsible governance.