Calimera - have a nice day

Calimera is a feeling. A feeling of being welcome. The feeling of pure happiness. Warm sunbeams caressing your skin. The unique taste of a watermelon. Shining children’s eyes.

Calimera is time. Time for yourself and for others.

Time together, family time!

Calimera is freedom. Freedom to follow your heart and your inner voice.

 Calimera is the arriving in a place creating unforgettable moments for you and your whole family, realising our ”Have a nice day” vision. And when the sun goes down, you will be saying: “It was a great day, one to be remembered!”

My heart Beats Calimera.

The most beautiful moments in life are the ones you share. The same is true for holidays. Cordiality and sociability have been our main concern since the first day. At Calimera, we do everything to realize the guests’ dream holiday and make their individual expectations come true.

One holiday – a Thousand Options.

At Calimera, guests enjoy every day of their holiday the way they like it! The international entertainers always have plenty of ideas how to make the holiday even more eventful. Independent of whether the guests are all by themselves, accompanied by their loved one or their family: Calimera guarantees exactly the right mix of sports and entertainment. Boredom is not an option!

Meeting new people informally, making new friends or just enjoying some quiet hours to take a break from everyday life: at Calimera, guests are free to pick their favourite activity among the variety offered. True to the motto 'one holiday – a thousand options'.

Plenty of Holiday without any Extra Costs.

'All inclusive à la Calimera' doesn't just mean unforgettable holiday memories. There is a lot more to do than that … Guests can go easy on their holiday budget without missing out on anything, for example culinary delicacies from international buffets, special theme buffets, cold drinks, snacks, or coffee and cake.

Sports and entertainment are also inclusive! International entertainers provide various activities on six days a week: aerobics, water polo, archery, courses such as ‘Go for Fit à la Calimera’ and ‘5 Beats of the Local Language’ plus evening show programmes.

The 10 Calimeras are located in Majorca, Bulgaria, Crete, Chalkidiki, Egypt, Djerba and Turkey.

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Calimera Factsheets


All general equipment fatcs at a glance.


Calimigo Kids Club


The ‘Calimigo Kids Club’, developed by educators, offers children in all clubs a variety of playful, creative and animated activities. Stories by the popular children's book author Janosch form the framework for these activities.


Swimming School Tigerente


Learn to swim and qualify for a swimming badge while on holiday – that’s what children can do at Calimera. In numerous clubs, children can take swimming lessons every year and get a chance to pass the test for the ‘little seahorse’, the  ‘bronze badge’, or the ‘silver badge’.


Sports and Activities à la Calimera


In our Calimeras, sports and activities are a top priority, offering diversified programmes for adults and children. In addition to popular sports such as beach volleyball, water polo, aerobics and many more, special event weeks provide for variety. Educational programmes, such as the Calimigo Ball School or the Calimigo Soccer Camp, are especially recommended to children.